Dec 9:  Day one with Eddie - this guy is stoked!!  Took our morning sledders then maxed out the conditions on our afternoon flight, with Eddie squeaking out a great soaring flight while it rained pilots in the bailout LZ!

Nov 19:  Today's after work cruise on one of the most stable forecasts we've had so far this fall/winter.  No wind, pleasant 200-400s, and a fat convergence on the way back, our almost daily south/north side convergence.  

Dec 26-29:  Matt and Dylan from Colorado hit a nice four - day window of mid winter XC conditions. 

Day 1: Hours of XC along the crest of the Weaver mountains with some top landings in between.

Day 2: Big hiking mission to New River mesa followed by a magical sunset ridge soaring session along a previously unflown plateau.

Day 3: Urban XC to goal.  Dylan's personal best distance to our goal/bar.

Day 4: Rare cloud day and we maxed it out with an over the back XC across town and over the reservation, landing at the casino.

Nov 25:  Tom Swanson was in AZ and wanted to score an XC flight at one of the very few sites in the continental USA where it's possible in the winter.  And here it's possible nearly 7 days a week.  We did an abbreviated version of the milk run so he could hit the road back to CA.  No convergence set up but nice spicy 600s had us racing to avoid the airspace ceiling.  And while attempting a top landing it really turned on with a steady train of 800 up making it nearly impossible to get down.  Just another day.  Nice one Tom!

Dec 18-24:  Drew and Kristina Pattison from Montana got some solid airtime in shorts and t shirt weather while visting family in Arizona.  They saw their longest flights surpassed several days in a row while coring up in their first thermals ever.  Solid launch, landing, and hiking abilities allowed them to sample four new sites and add several more hours of airtime to their logbooks in the middle of winter!

Dec 5:  Best conditions I've ever had at Mingus in December while introducing the Montana crew to another incredible Arizona flying site.

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Fall 2020 update (Nov16):

Check out what's new with our Brazil tours... I am now offering a Brazil XC/thermal course with an SIV maneuvers course on the first two days of the trip!!  Fly into Sao Paulo and enjoy the same full service tour as always, but get your confidence back from a winter away from flying before we even catch our first thermals.  Details here.

Fall 2020 update (Nov5): 

Travel restrictions to Colombia have recently lifted and now is the time to secure your spot in a full service tour!  All South American tours are full service and you're covered with transport, lodging, retrieve, radio guidance, and everything you will need from the moment you arrive at baggage claim.​  Check here for dates.

Fall 2020 update (Oct 22): 

Due to global uncertainty, we've been keeping it closer to home and working with one or two clients at a time. While keeping fingers crossed for a great winter season here and abroad, I'm inviting US pilots to visit Phoenix, Arizona for thermal and XC training at our reliable local sites RIGHT NOW! 

  • Fly with multiple world record holder Dustin Martin as your guide
  • Discounted daily rate for radio-guided thermal and XC courses with maximum TWO PILOTS
  • Airport pickup/dropoff/XC retrieval/daily transport to launch
  • Super-reliable local site with convenient closed-course flying keeps retrieval short and flying maximized
  • Light winds, easy launches and landings, big city conveniences
  • Line trimming, chute repacks, harness repairs available on-site

We'll cover weather forecasts each day, flight planning, local site tips and tricks, decision making in the air, and debrief every day with our tracks and videos.  The aim is to improve our thermal finding and climbing ability, glide line abilities, and overall awareness.  Depending on weather, we have many nearby launches to choose from.  

Paraglider repair
  • brazil:  ten flying days, luxury accommodation, xc focused, Coastal flying, the best vehicle/driver, a complete Brazil experience. march 10-19, 2024 / March 24-Apr 2

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