Below, Pete Lehmann reflects on his tour to Colombia:​

"Last January I spent two and a half weeks flying in Columbia as one of Dustin’s clients.  Despite an un-seasonally rainy first few days, I still managed to log twenty seven hours and three hundred and fifty cross-country miles in remarkably reliable conditions.  The first few days were a bit scratchy, but after that it was idiot-proof soarable in completely un-threatening conditions.  There was virtually no turbulence, and only light winds.  The entire experience was pleasant and low stress.

The logistics were similarly straightforward: Dustin picked me up at the airport, provided a clean glider (U2-160), and housed me at a pleasant, modern Columbian resort hotel complex.  As the hotel was also the regular stop of visiting Columbian and international pilots it was also the handy local social center. 

The daily drive to launch was itself a pleasure as we wound our way up a long, rough jungle road to a wonderful take-off site 2,700 feet above the main lz. Even in the often almost zero-wind conditions, launching was no problem due to the site’s steep slope.  The main lz below launch includes a bar/restaurant for post flight refreshment, while retrieves were provided for in the event of a cross-country landing. 

In all my years of hang gliding I have seldom enjoyed as pleasant, reliable, non-threatening and utterly convenient flying.