Jeff Shapiro

Ozone team pilot, Jeff Shapiro, is a professional climber and pilot who has devoted his life to the mountains.  Over the last 30 years of his climbing-related life, he finds the greatest rewards in attempting new routes in the greater ranges.  Jeff is also a world class hang glider pilot, wingsuite BASE jumber, and a professional paraglider pilot.  When he's not climbing or flying, he's a philanthropist, conservationist, and a master falconer.  In recent years, he's become dedicated to passing on what he's learned to the flying and climbing communities with a contagious passion for life.

I'm fortunate to call Jeff a friend, and those who know him definitely know that he brings immeasurable value and wisdom to any adventure, particularly a guided XC course, which is one of his many specialties.  

He will be co-guiding with me from December 7th to 16th in Brazil, and I hope to talk him into joining me on future tours in 2022.